Friday, December 10, 2010

Card Organizer Box

Well these three are done! Wow, it took me 8 hours EACH to make! I had no idea it would take so long, I really love them and thought it was a cool project. The card organizer itself was easy, really! The instructions were clear and straight forward with nice pictures. The details were hard for me. Coming up with 4 different cards, 4 note cards, 4 tags and decorating took me 7 of the 8 hours LOL! As a side note my friend did it in half the time. (Yes, I take too long!) The template and instructions are from Technique Junkies, it is on this CD and I love it! It is full of ideas of different types of cards and such to make, different folds for cards etc. I am a big fan of Pat's CD's, techniques and tutorials she puts together so if you ever need (and who doesnt?) them go to her web-site and subscribe to the Technique Junkies newsletter and or buy one of these CD's! They are great gifts for your crafting friends too :) Yes, that is a plug but no one asked me to do that and I'm not getting anything free for it :) Anyway if you want to make a nice gift for Christmas this is an idea. You could fill it with hot cocoa and tea too. Just a thought. Anyway I am off - sorry it took so long to post but I had no idea I was going to be working on these on and off for over a week! (Creative juices must flow for me to work LOL!)

Cards and note cards

Inside with note cards

A look at the inside opened up

4 cards for set 1

Completed outside


Beth b said...

Love all three! You did a great job!

Anonymous said...

These are great Lori! I love them!! You will have to teach me when we get together. :)

jan said...

Oh boy, that was a lot of work - beautiful work. I am sure everyone who receives them will appreciate your work and love them.

Pat Huntoon said...

Just beautiful! I know what you mean -- the box is easy but making cards for it is hard! I actually have a template for the cards using the scraps. I will post it to my blog tomorrow!