Saturday, August 21, 2010





My apologies if you don't recognize my blog, apparently the background I was using is no longer available. This one will have to do for now :) I know it has been forever since I posted any cards! I have not been card making or scrapbooking this Summer, just haven't really felt like it but I am getting in the mood again. I made all of these over the last two weeks. I tried to make it simple and use the supplies I had out so I didnt make a huge mess to clean up. We moved my scrapbook room into the previously called guest bedroom and I don't have to be quite as neat and tidy now thank goodness. Crafts are just inherently messy!

All of these cards are cases but one. The one with the fishing pole idea came from one of Gina K.'s wonderful design team members and the others are various cards I have seen on different blogs. I tweaked some of them with maybe a different sentiment, stamp, paper or embellishment. The only one I can truly take credit for is the first one. I did see the double Nestabilities stacked like that but as far as the layout, stamps, paper etc. it's all mine.

I have been toying with the idea of making a blog about my diet and exercise adventures but not sure it is all that interesting. I have lost 66 pounds, I am training for a half marathon and love running and really have changed my whole lifestyle! Which is why I don't find myself sitting down making crafts as much - that seems to be more when I can't get outside or currently with a knee injury. Kind of interesting how that is working for me. I feel so much better though! All in all I plan on creating and posting as "needed" :) Thanks as always for stopping by and checking out my blog :) Get out there and do something good for yourself today! I am.

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