Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Moving right along...

This cute little box is all the rage on SCS. It was one of last week's challenges and has proven to be a real winner! It was super easy to make and you can really customize it for yourself or any occasion! Here is the link: SCS. I wonder if this is too little to sell for the craft fair? It is only about 2 inches square. You can fit candy in it, or a ring, that seems to come to my mind! Jewelry! Ha, now someone tell my hubby LOL. I hope everyone has a wonderful day, this is a quick one!

Monday, October 29, 2007

File Folder Card

I have seen so many of these! They are so cute, I had to make one. I used some of the left-over roses from the one-sheet wonder I used for the other card set. I love these colors too, so... blue. LOL! SO here we are, another week. But not just any week! Trick or Treating is Wednesday and my little one just can't wait to dress up. He is going to be Batman, I feel like a Super-Hero is an o.k. costume. Funny thing is, and he has no idea about this but his older brother was Batman at this age too! Last year he was Spiderman which his older brother was when he was younger. I guess it's a boy thing. Wish I had saved all the costumes so I didn't have to buy them again! Who knew I would have another child or boy even. Now the older one would want to be the Grim Reaper or a Vampire, fortunately he won't dress up and go around getting candy so I am off the hook having to avoid those! I bought four bags of candy to give out to the kids, all but 1/2 bag is gone. Guess I didn't hide it well enough! Oh and it wasn't the kids or me who ate it. Hmmmm, who does that leave? LOL! He is a chocoholic! One addiction I am glad I do not have. Yes, it's true, a female who doesn't love chocolate. That's the only odd thing about me, really :)

Off to amuse the little one who is home for a "Teacher's workday"!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Another History of Halloween or All Saints/Souls Day Story...

...And two cards below :) I just got this in an email from a recipe(?!) newsletter I receive and thought I would share it. It is one I hadn't heard of but it is interesting never the less. All this is interesting to me, my husband thinks it is boring and mind clutter but I just love to know the reasons behind things, especially long held traditions.

So here it is:
The history of "Trick'O'Treating" can be traced back to the
early celebrations of All Soul's Day in Britain. The poor would
go begging and the housewives would give them special treats called
"soulcakes". This was called "going a-souling", and the "soulers"
would promise to say a prayer for the dead.

Over time the custom changed and the town's children became
the beggars. As they went from house to house they would be given
apples, buns, and money.

During the Pioneer days of the American West, the housewives
would give the children candy to keep from being tricked. The
children would shout "Trick or Treat!".

So there you have another version.

Now for the cards!

This is a case of a card from the Hero Arts web-site. They have a similar stamp set to one of SU and so I used the SU one I have. It is called Garden Silhouettes (oh I like typing Silhouette, fun LOL!) The one below it is a less elaborate version I made up for a swap I am in. Sometimes when you are doing a bunch of cards you have to simplify things :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

and the Winner is....

Courtney Fowler! I wish I could give something to everyone who entered, I am thrilled so many people made comments! I will just have to have blog candy again in a bit :) Thanks to all who entered and all who take the time to comment!

Courtney you get the 4 cards, a new wood mounted rubber stamp I have ready and your choice of colored cardstock and one stamped image in black ink for a pre-cut card to make. Plus you get a card of your choice and I see you said for me to pick my favorite! That is way too hard! I will find one though :) I will send this out as soon as you email me your snail mail address and your choices to: Thanks again to all who entered!

Blog Candy - Quick Note

I am going to have my son draw a name when he gets home from school to make it completely random so you have until 3:00 pm today to sign the comments below in the Blog Candy post. Last chance!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Something New

OK I have something new and different for ya! These are called "Grandma's Brag Wallet". Of course the design comes from SCS in case anyone was wondering. One is for boy and one is for girl and the idea is on the blank part to put a picture of your grandbaby (or baby for that matter) and carry it around in your purse to share with all of your friends, super market check out clerks, etc. :)

I can't for the life of me think of a price for these! I am making them for the craft fair. Trying to have more than just cards on my table. What do you think?

By the way we have somewhere around 90 days of water left in our town and basically the whole state. So it started raining, for the first time in oh say, 3 months? This is NC - average rainfall of 50 (aprox.) inches a year! We have had 1/4 of an inch here and there over the last several months and finally lots or rain, three days of rain and tomorrow is our big Harvest Festival. Go figure. It is an outdoor carnival with rides and fireworks and hamburgers, hot dogs etc. all for free. So we all need to pray it will stop raining for just a few hours. Kid of a catch 22, huh? Thanks!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What should I put on these?

I made these cards for a card set and I can't decide what sentiments to put on them. I think happy birthday is definitely going to be on one but should I mix them up and have one get well and one thank you and one thinking of you? Or all birthday? See! I can never make up my mind! The other card is extra leftover from the card set and I was just messing around.

Don't forget to leave a comment on the blog candy post below if you haven't already! Comments are accepted until Friday. I am tired (so what's new) so I will keep this short today, thanks for looking!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Christmas Card

I picked this stamp up at Artist Oasis a few days ago and just knew Perfect Pearls or Twinkling H20's would be great with it! I used Perfect Pearls as I tend to like dry media. I love this stamp! It looks so good on the black too! I am going to experiment more with this one that's for sure.

What a great start to blog candy! I am so glad to see so many replies so far and it is so interesting what card everyone likes! That is so cool so many different ones. Now that just goes to show we all have different taste and I shouldn't worry so much at this craft fair if my stuff will be liked, some will like some and others something different! I worry too much :) Keep the comments coming on the blog candy post.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Blog Candy!

I am finally ready to announce the blog candy! Just post a reply comment to this post and I will have one winner randomly drawn on Friday. So that means there is time to comment all week! Only one entry per person though :)

I have decided to give these cards as the prize plus one more from my blog of YOUR CHOICE! You must tell me in your post which one it is! So one of your choice plus these. I am able to duplicate or give most of the cards that I have posted this year. Remember "card" not the calendar or explosion box etc. In addition to the cards I am giving away a couple of stamps, something fun to alter and a kit of pre-cut papers and a stamped image for you to make a card yourself! Color scheme and stamp of your choice :)

I hope this is a good way to show you my appreciation of your reading my blog. I truly value each and every comment and each and every person who stops by and checks out my blog. It is a work of heart.

Thanks again and I hope to see lot's of entries to win!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Yes, eventually!

Yes, I promised blog candy, Yes I will do it!!!! I am in between taking care of my kids and helping with a huge concert at my church! I was there most of today and need to get back there, just wish hubby would get home so I can leave my little one!

I didnt think much of having Sonic Flood in concert, after all I grew up with a bunch of Christian bands around, our church had them every 6 weeks and things were way different then! I will give more details when I get back :) Apparently times have changed and these guys have a real tour bus and more than just albums to sell.

So back to blog candy, I have got to think of somethings to give that people will like and are way cool! Still dont know what to give or I would have it posted by now LOL! So I will try to get this up and going tomorrow!!! Sorry, thanks for your patience :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another Masculine Card

I just found out my brother-in-law's brother-in-law (whew!) had a stroke a few days ago and I wanted to make a card for him. I have known them my whole life, haven't spent a lot of time with them but to me he is family.

The card is made with wild wasabi base, not quite navy, chocolate chip and sahara sand. I used the "In the Spotlight" set and the new scalloped punch by SU and the bigger one is a marvy mega scallop. The circles are cut with my CM circles. No ribbon, metal or other embellishments this time! Just straight forward and I think rather nice.

We went to the State Fair today, strangest thing to be at the fair and it was a record 85 degrees. Yes, I was sweating in the sun! I even got sunburned (red not painful) on my arms. It was just me and the little one, we met Papa and Grandma there who were with someone else and let him go on whatever rides he wanted. Goodness gracious, he has no fear! He went on one of those fast spinning in a circle things that rock and swirl around while you are spinning... Loved it, smiled from ear to ear (he went alone - no way I was going on it LOL!) He got off the ride yelling and jumping up and down saying how awesome it was and even the guy running the ride was impressed. When my oldest was 5 he was afraid of all adult rides and even some kiddie rides. Which is more or less normal! Not this one, went on two of the three ferris wheels (I had enough of them), including the biggest gondola one (I did go on this one since he wouldn't stay sitting down, always leaning over the edge pointing...) anyway $60.00 later I was not going to buy any more ride tickets! Sheesh! That doesn't include food mind you. Or games and speaking of which you know that one where you throw the basketball in the hoop and it never makes it or it bounces off? He made it straight in, first try. I hadn't even paid yet. Got a cool prize :) The boy was made for it! I wish I could get our other son to go but he really doesn't like it. Neither does my husband which is why I always take him by myself. I love the fair, and so does my fearless fiver. So all in all a very wonderful time at the Fair this year :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Coffee again!

I saw a card layout like this and loved it - so I CASEd it! (So what's new? LOL!) I love this stamp that I picked up a little while back, it is different then the stamp of the original but it works the same. I stamped it twice and cut out the front part of the cup and put it on pop-dots so it is dimensional in person. I used perfect pearls in a pretty pink but it was so light it didn't show up. I decided to chalk over it with a pink color to brighten it up a bit. I did the sentiment different too, I had this cute little just a note stamp that works well with the style of this stamp. The paper is by Paper Salon. I always laugh when I see that name, I keep hearing in my head that guy that calls it "sal on" instead of "sa lon". Not sure how to make that come across but it is a stuffy-snobby sort of French way of saying it and I now say Paper Sal-on like he does LOL! Anyway, pretty papers.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Getting some done

I made the first card because I wanted to work with the noble deer and saw a card that was perfect so I CASEd it :) I had similar Basic Grey paper to what she used and but I had to change some of the rest. I ran out of room to do the sentiment like in the original so I used a Cuttlebug tag. I hope it doesn't look out of place!

The second one I am experimenting with Christmas cards for the Craft Sale. Do you think this one would sell? I am trying to do some with non-traditional colors or colors other than red and green. I had this stamp from last year, I had to get it because it is my favorite Christmas Carol - Oh Holy Night! The colors for the card stock are river rock, night of navy and artichoke. I used rub-on metallic gold on the edge, river rock double stitch ribbon and some gold eyelets and brad.

I am going to give away some blog candy! A lot of people do this but I never have. I would like to do it because I have some many loyal readers now I want to give something for it! So I am thinking up what might be a nice giveaway and I will announce it later this week.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I tried that snowflake everyone is doing from Mary Jo's blog - click here for her directions and it is so fun! I did the 6 inch squares like she did but I am going to do 3 inch squares next time and if that works out I might even do smaller for Christmas tree ornaments. It is so pretty! What a cool idea. I am sitting down now to work on a card so I will keep this short! Hope you like and give it a try!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Too busy

I added some things to my weekly schedule that are taking away my card making time! Plus the time I had yesterday I used up too. I bough a big bookshelf and had to put it together (there goes two hours) then I rearranged my entire stock of stamp sets, paper and supplies and my whole scrap-room (there goes 5 more hours). I will say it looks a whole lot better! However it isn't perfect and pretty. As nice as the furniture is, the rest of the stuff is too messy looking. I have too much stuff still to fit in the furniture so I have carts, rolling totes etc. all over the place! Oh well, got to live in the room so it isn't going to be perfect :) I do love the screen though, now when someone comes to the front door they aren't staring into this room! What were the builders thinking leaving this open like that LOL! OH! Perhaps it is supposed to be an elegant dining room that people see? NOT! Maybe when our kids have moved out we will get one of those dining rooms sets that sit and look pretty and never get used :) Right now that is a waste of precious space! So now you have it, where I put the third computer and the new shelf and screen/wall. Now to make some cards! No time today will have to do it tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Scrapbook Pages

Here are the three that I finished over the weekend! The first is of my oldest son who went to an Anime convention and bought some interesting toys, the second and third are at the Nickelodeon Hotel this Summer. The 1st one is Basic Grey Infuse paper and the other two are Creative Memories paper! I thought I would give it a try, I loved the colors and since it is already printed with stripes and strip of paper I didn't have to cut and piece it myself :) That was nice!

I am working on my computer room, I got a beautiful screen from Pier 1 - the plantation shutter one so I can hide this ugly mess! It is right next to the front door with no wall to shield it, it is supposed to be the dining room. I ordered a book shelf that goes with the furniture I have in the room (the Christopher Lowell Shore collection) and I bought the wireless adaptor so as soon as I reinstall Windows YET AGAIN on the computer I will work on the rest! Sheesh, these things take entirely too long :)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Computers are taking over my home...

I was not home most of today and when I was, oh boy! I got a bug to take one of the three, yes three computers lying around on the floor and hook it up. Mind you we have two hooked up (well mine is semi-hooked since it is a lap-top LOL!) and we have 4 people now fighting over computer time. So I think a third computer would be reasonable especially since we have one. No one wants it because it isn't hooked up to the internet. So, tomorrow I am going to buy a wireless receiver for it. Might as well since we have the router already for my lap-top! I just can't seem to remember life with-out the internet and surely my boys never have known life that way! We do limit time spent of course but technology is well loved in this household! This is why when we go on vacation I do not allow any computers!

Anyway now my way-too-crowded-house is even more crammed with yet another table and now I have to go buy a bookcase to put my stuff on that is on a table that has to be moved to fit the new computer etc. and my husband just rolls his eyes at me. So I might not have a card done tomorrow either BUT I did go to that Crop Friday night and I started 5 - 2 page layouts and have finished 3 of them so I will snap pictures and upload them to my blog :) That's the most I can do for now!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Here is my card for the day!

I am posting early as I am going to a crop tonight! I am so excited, I haven't done any scrapbooking in a while and I am looking forward to being with others and scrapbooking. I just felt like doing this Happy Hopper today. I got it from a Wish RAK I requested and just adore these new little guys. I have always loved Ellen's House Mouse little guys and since she added the bunnies I am loving these too! I want the one with the baseball hat on backwards, it is soooooooooo cute! So here is a perfect card for Fall, it reminds me of good times going to the Apple Farm in CT and getting fresh cider and apples. I also love the crisp cool nights of Fall that apples remind me of! Just hoping that will occur here sometime this year... Crisp, cool Fall that is :)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Just a Quick Card

I was trying to see if I could make one pretty quickly and this is what I came up with. Not sure I like the lack of details, I should have stamped the river rock card stock, edged the wasabi cs, put something in the corners... but then it would have taken another hour! So this is the trade off. All in all it is cute, I made it for the challenge of using twill. I have a box of twill scraps I picked up on sale and liked these three together for this card. That's it, busy day and no time to play!

Also, I might add this is a pretty innocuous Halloween card, I do not agree with the evil aspect of what All Hallows Eve or All Saints Day has become. It was a time to remember the Christian martyrs and also at one point was a feast commemorating the martyrs and saints. Lot's of changes over the centuries have been made for this but I like the fact that it was conceived as early as the Pentecost in Antioch. So now Christians tend to run from our now commercial Halloween but I bet a lot of them didn't know it started as a Christian Celebration. :) There ya go, brief history lesson of the day! Ewww I just re-read this, I must add that I am a Christian! I simply do not have the problems with Halloween that some people have made of it. I avoid costumes like witches and devils and such and stay with the scooby doo, spongebob sort of look. I think we can moderate ourselves :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mom's overture

OH my goodness! So totally true and awesome!!!!! She said it all!

Have you seen this?

Oh my gosh, this is hilarious! Obviously this guy sees his wife make cards! He is very creative! Man-Made Card Video. I often thought some of our tools resemble wood working tools ;)

Oh! Exciting news! I sold my first card! I went back to the shop and dropped off a poster and the gal gave me the money :) Plus I got a special order for a card! So my career has begun, well sort of. I am not counting on making a living on this, yet. Someday maybe?

Here is a picture of what I look down to under my craft desk. Cute, huh? :) Oh I made a card today but I submitted it to something that says I can't post it until after so no card for the blog. Enjoy the video!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Another Technique

This is with the Cuttlebug, using embossing folders. Here are two of the ones I tried. What a cool technique! Makes a gorgeous background. The snowman one is a sketch by Beate in case you recognize it! I used the basic sketch and made the colors and stamps and such to match the embossing technique. I hate to be a broken record this week but go to technique junkies and subscribe if you want to do these techniques. You won't regret it! No, I am not being paid to promote, just a happy customer for over two years now.

The last picture I am sharing because, well, he is just the cutest boy in the whole wide world! Don't ya think? OK so maybe yours is too :) And by the way, my head no longer hurts. Yeah!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Double Pocket Card

I did the online bonus technique, double pocket card, from technique junkies. Love it! Fun to make (I love all of the non-standard cards that you fold or cut etc.) and this one works great with double sided paper. I also decided to make both inserts bookmarks. I just found out I might be able to be in my church's craft fair so I am going to make a bunch of nice Christian cards and bookmarks and such. Fun!

I didn't like the sunflower card. I liked the sunflower but I think I didn't like the rust and the brown edged ribbon. So I ripped them off (not an easy task!) and put the blue on and then added the Prima flowers. I think I should have left the flowers off but at this point I am not ripping those off too! So over-all I think it looks better. Off I go to rest my head, I hit the top of my head really hard tonight (yes, I am told repeatedly by my husband that I am a clutz!). I was trying to catch one of the dogs to give him a quick bath and of course they hide and when I got him I picked him up and whack! My head on the corner of the granite counter top. It's like hitting a rock! Because it is a rock! Throbbing still (an hour and 3 advil's later) so goodnight.