Monday, October 1, 2007

Double Pocket Card

I did the online bonus technique, double pocket card, from technique junkies. Love it! Fun to make (I love all of the non-standard cards that you fold or cut etc.) and this one works great with double sided paper. I also decided to make both inserts bookmarks. I just found out I might be able to be in my church's craft fair so I am going to make a bunch of nice Christian cards and bookmarks and such. Fun!

I didn't like the sunflower card. I liked the sunflower but I think I didn't like the rust and the brown edged ribbon. So I ripped them off (not an easy task!) and put the blue on and then added the Prima flowers. I think I should have left the flowers off but at this point I am not ripping those off too! So over-all I think it looks better. Off I go to rest my head, I hit the top of my head really hard tonight (yes, I am told repeatedly by my husband that I am a clutz!). I was trying to catch one of the dogs to give him a quick bath and of course they hide and when I got him I picked him up and whack! My head on the corner of the granite counter top. It's like hitting a rock! Because it is a rock! Throbbing still (an hour and 3 advil's later) so goodnight.


Cheryl said...

OK, this is the third time today that I am trying to leave a comment, hope it takes.

Wow! I have never seen a double pocket card before. Too cool!

I have to say the sunflower card does look better.

Ouch!! My head hurts just thinking about how hard you must have hit it. I hope your head is feeling much better today.

Take care, Lori.

papersunshine said...

I am sorry Cheryl! I know blogger has issues sometimes so I appreciate your trying so hard! Thanks about the cards and glad you like the sunflower card better, it was bothering me! A good night's sleep and my head is much better. Amazing what sleep can do to heal the body :) Thanks again!