Saturday, September 29, 2007

Playing with a new technique

I love this technique! It is in the new newsleter from It is called pastel embossing. I love my chalks, one of my all time favorite things to use in scrapbooks and stamping. So here are three cards using the technique, they all came out very different looking but cool. I have to laugh though, my oldest son looked at the sympathy card and said, "That's not a good sympathy card" and I'm like, "what do you mean it's not a good sympathy card" (miffed voice here) and he says "It's like smiling and saying to someone 'with sympathy' (and he is saying it smiling and a very cheerful voice)". So apparently it is too bright and cheery for my son to feel right about it. I kind of went along with it until he told me it should be in black. Hmmmm this coming from a boy who wears all black as much as he can get away with it! I was going to send this to a gal who's mom just passed away but now I wonder if I shouldn't. Oh well, the cards all were fun to make!


Pat Huntoon said...

I love what you did with these! Isn't it a fun technique?

Michelle Woerner (sf9erfan) said...

Lori has a blog! Lori has a blog! I just noticed this link in your siggy on SCS. How exciting for you! I love these cards and love that technique. I don't have chalks, so I will just drool over your creations.

Oh, and the sympathy card is perfect. The colors are beautiful and appropriate. But, I can't read what is written on the dragonfly stamp...

Hugs, michelle

Jan said...

Yipppeeee! A sunflower! You know how I love sunflowers! It is beautiful!

Cheryl said...

There is nothing wrong with your sympathy card that I can see. I think your friend would not mind this card, besides what you write on the inside is really what matters, at least that is what I think.

Beautiful cards, once again!

Take care, Lori.

Cheryl said...

Or that you are sending it in the first place.

(Had to add this)

papersunshine said...

Thank you Pat, it is a very fun technique, I love it! Great newsletter this month (not that it isn't always great!)
Michelle, your funny :) That is so sweet of you to look and make such nice comments! Your cards are to die for so I am honored :) Thanks about the sympathy card too!
Jan, I thought of you when I made this! I might have to send it your way sometime :)
Thanks Cheryl! I agree with you, it is sending it and what you write that counts. I do think she would appreciate being thought of.