Monday, June 30, 2008

Birthday cards

Here is a picture of the beautiful stamped birthday cards I received this year! Love them, it was great to get such pretty cards. I am having trouble with my mail being forwarded by the post office so there are likely others I haven't received yet as they may be at my old house or in the process of being forwarded. I have had a couple of people tell me they sent me a card and I don't have it as of yet. So I am sorry if yours isn't here in this picture! The person who bought our house kindly called us and put out a pile of mail on the front porch once already and I bet she will be calling again. I got the confirmation from the post office today and I turned it in May 30th! Crazy. The cards are from (back left to right)with SCS user names: Tackertwosome (Tina), sf9erfan, Kathi127, Tackertwosome (Lena), front row: bottomphish, Paula, Mindy Young. I will cherish and keep all of these cards - thank you so much!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Card

I CASEd this card last month before I moved because I just LOVE it! I made a few changes, the hemp instead of the ribbon and the words and dew drops are different. It was done by Denise, Peanutbee on SCS. I have been in a swap with her and a few other very talented gals this last winter and now she and one of the other gals (sf9erfan) are both in the Dirty Dozen design team! Wooo Hoo I have wished congratulations on them both and totally can see why they were chosen. Very talented gals with gorgeous cards. So back to this one, I saw it on her blog and had to make it and oh my gosh, girl it took me forever! I had to get out the nestabilities and cut each layer of the circle, stamp and cut out each and every flower and cut the squares (9 of them!) since the punches I have didn't fit all three across the card (too wide), line everything up just so... eeek! I had no idea but it was well worth it, I love it :) No house update today, but wanted to finally post a card :)

Stuck in a Rut

I am so stuck in a rut in the house. I have stuff every where because I don't know where to put it. On top of it my 6 year old is carrying toys everywhere and just leaving them. Now I could drag them or have him drag them all back to his room but there is no room left with all the toys he has on the floor. I just don't have the energy to go through his toys with him and get rid of what we don't have room for again, three weeks after I did it in the old house. I know, crazy - huge house no room. It's just that in the last house we took his closet and filled it with shelves and put his toys there. Now I am having a little bit of trouble motivating someone in this household to build new shelves. That just puts another thing on my list of a million things to do. I simply can not do it all by myself and I have paid way too many people to do stuff for me so that leaves, yes the man of the house. So I guess everything will sit on the floor until then. Gripe, gripe, gripe I feel like I am nagging so I have kindly mentioned it once in hopes that I am not a nagging wife. All I have to hear is him say clean the house up and I will say give me some shelves! LOL! That's not nagging, right? Other than that every picture and mirror is sitting on the floors too. That is waiting for the furniture to be placed so I know where on the wall to put them. I just feel yucky because of it. You know what I mean? 3 weeks and the house doesn't look any better. I am getting depressed! I should be so happy! I am going to call the furniture store today to see if they have any idea when it will be here. When I bought it they said 4-6 weeks. So that would mean minimum of 2 more weeks.

Let's see what positive thing can I say today? OH! The weather! We got a break in the weather last night and it was 59 degrees this morning and only in the 80's today! I think I will take my little one for a walk outside in the neighborhood. We haven't done that yet! I can also thankfully say God has brought my husband safely home from his business trip, no plane problems and no tornadoes in Kansas at the time :) OH and last but not least I got the majority of the wires hooked up up for the surround sound system, the speakers near their places and when my husband got home he fiunally agreed it is going to work for him. That just saved us $1000.00 for installation. Sometimes seeing is believing and even though there are somewhere around 50 wires to hook up in the right slots in the right order to go with the (stupid) $500 remote to control all of this (don't want to pay them to come back out and program it again). Now I have to run to the store and buy 6 more wires and a few screws and we should have it! I am just happy that my hubby liked it.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Too busy and disorganized

To stamp or scrapbook! I haven't gotten all the boxes unpacked, half of my scrapbook stuff is in boxes in the garage, the other half is in my closet. My precious stamps however are put away so I know where they are and they aren't melting in the heat. I just wish I felt motivated to do some creative work. I have to make my June House Mouse Stamp of the Month cards! Good thing they aren't due until the end of the month. Speaking of which, my birthday is the 26th! I am sort of excited about my special day but alas my husband doesn't believe in making birthdays/fathers day/mothers day/christmas special. So I will try not to be disappointed since I know better :) OK that was off topic LOL! I am still looking forward to it.

OK so back to the terrific house. Now he does believe in terrific houses, nice cars and TV's LOL! So I am happily making our new house a home. The painter has worked on it for a week and did the dining room, library, kitchen, breakfast room and butler's pantry. He said it was a nightmare job because he had to cut out around every cabinet and door frame and counter top and there is a lot of that LOL! He did an awesome job and not a drop of paint where it shouldn't be. I also am going t tackle hooking up the home theatre system. They wanted $1000 to do it! LOL! I am like it ain't worth that much to run 2 wires under the carpet! (how do you like the slang there hehe) So we will be looking at the wires running along the edge of the carpet for now. I need to find someone else for that part. There must be at least 20 wires for this system but thankfully they are all labeled and the wall plugs are all labeled. Right down to "left rear surround speaker". So we will see if I can do it! Seems easy.... LOL!

Let's see what else can I blog about? My youngest son got his loft bed today, he is thrilled and I let him pick out his sheets and comforter set. OK he is 6, now wouldn't you think he would pick oh, SpongeBob, Batman or Incredible Hulk or something? No! He picks a black comforter with white sheets that have large gray circles on them. Very designer sheik. I tried to talk him out of it but he is imitating his big brother so, so be it. he loves it and is happy and well it looks awesome so I will just have to live with it. Now all I need is my dining room, family room, sunroom and breakfast room furniture LOL! Beginning of July hopefully.
New rug for dining room

Finished library with new rug