Monday, June 16, 2008

Too busy and disorganized

To stamp or scrapbook! I haven't gotten all the boxes unpacked, half of my scrapbook stuff is in boxes in the garage, the other half is in my closet. My precious stamps however are put away so I know where they are and they aren't melting in the heat. I just wish I felt motivated to do some creative work. I have to make my June House Mouse Stamp of the Month cards! Good thing they aren't due until the end of the month. Speaking of which, my birthday is the 26th! I am sort of excited about my special day but alas my husband doesn't believe in making birthdays/fathers day/mothers day/christmas special. So I will try not to be disappointed since I know better :) OK that was off topic LOL! I am still looking forward to it.

OK so back to the terrific house. Now he does believe in terrific houses, nice cars and TV's LOL! So I am happily making our new house a home. The painter has worked on it for a week and did the dining room, library, kitchen, breakfast room and butler's pantry. He said it was a nightmare job because he had to cut out around every cabinet and door frame and counter top and there is a lot of that LOL! He did an awesome job and not a drop of paint where it shouldn't be. I also am going t tackle hooking up the home theatre system. They wanted $1000 to do it! LOL! I am like it ain't worth that much to run 2 wires under the carpet! (how do you like the slang there hehe) So we will be looking at the wires running along the edge of the carpet for now. I need to find someone else for that part. There must be at least 20 wires for this system but thankfully they are all labeled and the wall plugs are all labeled. Right down to "left rear surround speaker". So we will see if I can do it! Seems easy.... LOL!

Let's see what else can I blog about? My youngest son got his loft bed today, he is thrilled and I let him pick out his sheets and comforter set. OK he is 6, now wouldn't you think he would pick oh, SpongeBob, Batman or Incredible Hulk or something? No! He picks a black comforter with white sheets that have large gray circles on them. Very designer sheik. I tried to talk him out of it but he is imitating his big brother so, so be it. he loves it and is happy and well it looks awesome so I will just have to live with it. Now all I need is my dining room, family room, sunroom and breakfast room furniture LOL! Beginning of July hopefully.
New rug for dining room

Finished library with new rug


jan said...

Wow! That was quick. I guess you got my PS on the last e-mail. I can't wait to see the place in person - only 34 more days! Oh, and you know I always remember your B-day! Rachel already made the card :)

Cheryl said...

Thanks for getting us up to date.

I just love your house!

papersunshine said...

Thanks Jan! Thanks so much Cheryl! It is hard waiting for the furniture, I am not quite sure what to blog and what not to blog on here as it was meant to be a craft blog but hey - this is what is going on right now!

Cheryl said...

Please, don't not blog. I don't care what you blog about. That's just me. An idea: if it bothers you to blog about stuff other than crafts you could start a second blog for all the non-craft stuff. Just a thought. But it doesn't bother me.

My couple cents worth that may not be worth that.

Take care, Lori.

papersunshine said...

Thanks Cheryl, I sure do appreciate your 2 cents!

HoleyCow said...

I agree.. blog.. doesnt need to be craft related.. we come to see you and whats going on in your world.. not just what you create.. SO BLOG.. please!?

Anonymous said...

Blog away about anything and know I'll end up here eventually to read all about ya!

I wouldn't miss it...hopefully once summer is over I'll be here more often! I don't like missing