Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stuck in a Rut

I am so stuck in a rut in the house. I have stuff every where because I don't know where to put it. On top of it my 6 year old is carrying toys everywhere and just leaving them. Now I could drag them or have him drag them all back to his room but there is no room left with all the toys he has on the floor. I just don't have the energy to go through his toys with him and get rid of what we don't have room for again, three weeks after I did it in the old house. I know, crazy - huge house no room. It's just that in the last house we took his closet and filled it with shelves and put his toys there. Now I am having a little bit of trouble motivating someone in this household to build new shelves. That just puts another thing on my list of a million things to do. I simply can not do it all by myself and I have paid way too many people to do stuff for me so that leaves, yes the man of the house. So I guess everything will sit on the floor until then. Gripe, gripe, gripe I feel like I am nagging so I have kindly mentioned it once in hopes that I am not a nagging wife. All I have to hear is him say clean the house up and I will say give me some shelves! LOL! That's not nagging, right? Other than that every picture and mirror is sitting on the floors too. That is waiting for the furniture to be placed so I know where on the wall to put them. I just feel yucky because of it. You know what I mean? 3 weeks and the house doesn't look any better. I am getting depressed! I should be so happy! I am going to call the furniture store today to see if they have any idea when it will be here. When I bought it they said 4-6 weeks. So that would mean minimum of 2 more weeks.

Let's see what positive thing can I say today? OH! The weather! We got a break in the weather last night and it was 59 degrees this morning and only in the 80's today! I think I will take my little one for a walk outside in the neighborhood. We haven't done that yet! I can also thankfully say God has brought my husband safely home from his business trip, no plane problems and no tornadoes in Kansas at the time :) OH and last but not least I got the majority of the wires hooked up up for the surround sound system, the speakers near their places and when my husband got home he fiunally agreed it is going to work for him. That just saved us $1000.00 for installation. Sometimes seeing is believing and even though there are somewhere around 50 wires to hook up in the right slots in the right order to go with the (stupid) $500 remote to control all of this (don't want to pay them to come back out and program it again). Now I have to run to the store and buy 6 more wires and a few screws and we should have it! I am just happy that my hubby liked it.


Cheryl said...

Just keep saying to yourself "this is temporary, this is temporary" over and over because it is. I know when you are going through times like this it is so easy to get anxious but it is temporary (like everything else in this life). You have something to look forward to.

Take care, Lori.

papersunshine said...

OK! That will be my new mantra then :) I know it's true, I am the kind fo person who feels out of sorts if things aren't "right" LOL! I didn't use to be, funny how getting older changed that. Thanks for taking the time to comment and the good advice!

HoleyCow said...

hang in there kiddo! its just one of those things ya gotta do.. like giving not fun.. but a must do.. as for the toys and shelfs.. shelves are SUPER easy to do yourself.. you dont need a MAN thing to do it for you.. try the adjustable ones.. you only need a few screws to but the brackets in.. and then have your local home depot or where ever cut your shelves the size you want.. you CAN do that. also.. head to your local wally world or big lots or some sort.. find the tall bookshelves.. not the expensive ones.. this isnt going to be there for years.. spend the 20 bucks or so.. put it or them in yours sons closet.. and start putting the toys there.. sometimes starting.. makes you think of things you never woulda.. at least this gets things off the floor.. and outta the way until its time to DEAL with.. kwim? start small.. dont look at the house in its entirely.. just do a corner at a time.. THINK SMALL in your big ol house! dont let it run you over!

Michelle (sf9erfan) said...

Lori! Your house is amazing, I am so super jealous. I love the pics, give us MORE. I added your blog to my bloggy roll (finally figured out how to do some of this fancy stuff).

I hear you about being stuck in a rut and no where to turn that doesn't have tons of clutter. That can be paralyzing!! One room at a time, baby, one room at a time! Your library is finished (and stunning), you can always go in there for some peace!

Hugs to you my friend!

papersunshine said...

Thanks so much Mindi, your an encouragement! You will be proud, I asked and got a cordless drill for my birthday LOL!

Michelle, thanks for the compliments! I will have to make a point to look at one room at a time, it's daunting but you are right!

Anonymous said...

Holy Surround Sound Batman! I would be lost in all those wires and needing a remote control to run it! I'm so not a man! LOL Hope everything is in it's place or near to it by now!