Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another Masculine Card

I just found out my brother-in-law's brother-in-law (whew!) had a stroke a few days ago and I wanted to make a card for him. I have known them my whole life, haven't spent a lot of time with them but to me he is family.

The card is made with wild wasabi base, not quite navy, chocolate chip and sahara sand. I used the "In the Spotlight" set and the new scalloped punch by SU and the bigger one is a marvy mega scallop. The circles are cut with my CM circles. No ribbon, metal or other embellishments this time! Just straight forward and I think rather nice.

We went to the State Fair today, strangest thing to be at the fair and it was a record 85 degrees. Yes, I was sweating in the sun! I even got sunburned (red not painful) on my arms. It was just me and the little one, we met Papa and Grandma there who were with someone else and let him go on whatever rides he wanted. Goodness gracious, he has no fear! He went on one of those fast spinning in a circle things that rock and swirl around while you are spinning... Loved it, smiled from ear to ear (he went alone - no way I was going on it LOL!) He got off the ride yelling and jumping up and down saying how awesome it was and even the guy running the ride was impressed. When my oldest was 5 he was afraid of all adult rides and even some kiddie rides. Which is more or less normal! Not this one, went on two of the three ferris wheels (I had enough of them), including the biggest gondola one (I did go on this one since he wouldn't stay sitting down, always leaning over the edge pointing...) anyway $60.00 later I was not going to buy any more ride tickets! Sheesh! That doesn't include food mind you. Or games and speaking of which you know that one where you throw the basketball in the hoop and it never makes it or it bounces off? He made it straight in, first try. I hadn't even paid yet. Got a cool prize :) The boy was made for it! I wish I could get our other son to go but he really doesn't like it. Neither does my husband which is why I always take him by myself. I love the fair, and so does my fearless fiver. So all in all a very wonderful time at the Fair this year :)


jan said...

I like this card. Not too fancy and not too plain. Hey, Rachel tried that basketball in the hoop thing too at Excalibur in Vegas, and on the very first try she got it in too. That has never happened to me, I always miss. She got a nice prize like JP.

Pat S. said...

What a great "man" card. Just right on the colors and layout. Very nice!

papersunshine said...

How cool Jan, Rachel is so lucky at games isn't she? Thanks!

Pat S. thank you very much :)!!!

Cheryl said...

This is the perfect masculine card!!! It looks great!

I love fairs! We didn't make it to one this year, it was way to hot. They should have one in October here. That is so exciting for JP. My 3 love the carnival, too. We went to the 4th of July celebration near us and they loved the rides, even my 3 year old was into it. Did you see the slide show with the pictures on my blog in July?

Have you had anything else sell at that shop, lately?

Take care, Lori.

papersunshine said...

Thanks Cheryl! I remember the slide show :) I haven't been back to the shop, guess I better! They are closed on Mondays so I will try to go tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hope your BIL's BIL is doing well and I know he's appreciating your card! It's fabulous...and I'm a little bit confused as to whether I love the card as much as the names of the colours or the other way 'round! *wink* Both are terrific!


papersunshine said...

Thanks Donna, I need to call my sister and see how he is doing. No one had called me :(