Monday, October 8, 2007

Computers are taking over my home...

I was not home most of today and when I was, oh boy! I got a bug to take one of the three, yes three computers lying around on the floor and hook it up. Mind you we have two hooked up (well mine is semi-hooked since it is a lap-top LOL!) and we have 4 people now fighting over computer time. So I think a third computer would be reasonable especially since we have one. No one wants it because it isn't hooked up to the internet. So, tomorrow I am going to buy a wireless receiver for it. Might as well since we have the router already for my lap-top! I just can't seem to remember life with-out the internet and surely my boys never have known life that way! We do limit time spent of course but technology is well loved in this household! This is why when we go on vacation I do not allow any computers!

Anyway now my way-too-crowded-house is even more crammed with yet another table and now I have to go buy a bookcase to put my stuff on that is on a table that has to be moved to fit the new computer etc. and my husband just rolls his eyes at me. So I might not have a card done tomorrow either BUT I did go to that Crop Friday night and I started 5 - 2 page layouts and have finished 3 of them so I will snap pictures and upload them to my blog :) That's the most I can do for now!


Cheryl said...

Five 2 page layouts and you have 3 done, that's great!! Looking forward to seeing the pages.

Make sure to check my blog.

Take care, Lori.

papersunshine said...

Thanks! It would be so much easier for me to click on your blog daily if it didnt get buried in my bookmarks LOL! I will visit :)