Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Scrapbook Pages

Here are the three that I finished over the weekend! The first is of my oldest son who went to an Anime convention and bought some interesting toys, the second and third are at the Nickelodeon Hotel this Summer. The 1st one is Basic Grey Infuse paper and the other two are Creative Memories paper! I thought I would give it a try, I loved the colors and since it is already printed with stripes and strip of paper I didn't have to cut and piece it myself :) That was nice!

I am working on my computer room, I got a beautiful screen from Pier 1 - the plantation shutter one so I can hide this ugly mess! It is right next to the front door with no wall to shield it, it is supposed to be the dining room. I ordered a book shelf that goes with the furniture I have in the room (the Christopher Lowell Shore collection) and I bought the wireless adaptor so as soon as I reinstall Windows YET AGAIN on the computer I will work on the rest! Sheesh, these things take entirely too long :)


jan said...

Yeah! You got a picture of Brian! What we went through this summer, sheesh! Everything looks wonderful.

Cheryl said...

You did a great job on those!! So cool!

Anonymous said...

layouts AND cards AND organization? You Da Woman!!!

Great pages L!


papersunshine said...

Yeah Jan, this was in the Spring before he went into hyper camera phobia LOL! Thanks Cheryl! Thanks Donna, I don't feel like da woman LOL! Too tired!