Thursday, October 11, 2007

Too busy

I added some things to my weekly schedule that are taking away my card making time! Plus the time I had yesterday I used up too. I bough a big bookshelf and had to put it together (there goes two hours) then I rearranged my entire stock of stamp sets, paper and supplies and my whole scrap-room (there goes 5 more hours). I will say it looks a whole lot better! However it isn't perfect and pretty. As nice as the furniture is, the rest of the stuff is too messy looking. I have too much stuff still to fit in the furniture so I have carts, rolling totes etc. all over the place! Oh well, got to live in the room so it isn't going to be perfect :) I do love the screen though, now when someone comes to the front door they aren't staring into this room! What were the builders thinking leaving this open like that LOL! OH! Perhaps it is supposed to be an elegant dining room that people see? NOT! Maybe when our kids have moved out we will get one of those dining rooms sets that sit and look pretty and never get used :) Right now that is a waste of precious space! So now you have it, where I put the third computer and the new shelf and screen/wall. Now to make some cards! No time today will have to do it tomorrow. :)


Wife2TJ said...

Love your studio!

jan said...

You need to be sitting in the chair in picture #2. Your scrapbook/card area looks great.

Cheryl said...

Love your space for being creative!! My space is far from having any space right now (very small). I should take before and after pictures when I finally get it fixed up.

Btw, I was looking for the screen, can't see it. Just wanted to see what you were talking about.

Take care, Lori.
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Anonymous said...

I'm always drooling after "visiting" your place. Jealous too. ; )

Love it! Love the colour! Love the furniture and LOVE all your goodies!

*lovin lots these days! LOL

papersunshine said...

Thanks so much you guys! I love it too, some days I wish I had more wall space so I could have more shelves but then I love the light coming in the windows so it's a trade off. Cheryl the screen is in the second picture, it is a dark brown wall behind the column. Jan I am sitting in that chair now LOL!

Cheryl said...

I am not sure why I didn't see the screen before it's as plain as day. Thanks for pointing out to me.

papersunshine said...

Naa I dont think it was obvious at all! I am thinking of returning it and getting a white one. It seems too dark.