Monday, October 29, 2007

File Folder Card

I have seen so many of these! They are so cute, I had to make one. I used some of the left-over roses from the one-sheet wonder I used for the other card set. I love these colors too, so... blue. LOL! SO here we are, another week. But not just any week! Trick or Treating is Wednesday and my little one just can't wait to dress up. He is going to be Batman, I feel like a Super-Hero is an o.k. costume. Funny thing is, and he has no idea about this but his older brother was Batman at this age too! Last year he was Spiderman which his older brother was when he was younger. I guess it's a boy thing. Wish I had saved all the costumes so I didn't have to buy them again! Who knew I would have another child or boy even. Now the older one would want to be the Grim Reaper or a Vampire, fortunately he won't dress up and go around getting candy so I am off the hook having to avoid those! I bought four bags of candy to give out to the kids, all but 1/2 bag is gone. Guess I didn't hide it well enough! Oh and it wasn't the kids or me who ate it. Hmmmm, who does that leave? LOL! He is a chocoholic! One addiction I am glad I do not have. Yes, it's true, a female who doesn't love chocolate. That's the only odd thing about me, really :)

Off to amuse the little one who is home for a "Teacher's workday"!


jan said...

I've never seen fancy folders before, they are very pretty. We are going to Disneyland on Halloween for their Spook night. This is the first time we won't be home to pass out candy.

MKB said...

Are these file folder size??
WHat great teacher gifts!!
I wouldlike to find out where you order your extra time in the day b/c I would like to get on tat mailing list!
Your work is gorgeous! It looks like you stop time, work for hours and then re-start the day where you left off....wouldn't that be WONDERFUL?!!!

Cheryl said...

Looks so nice!


Anonymous said...


Just like always...


papersunshine said...

Have a blast at Disney Jan! Thanks!

mkb - they are actually card sized - 4.25 x 5.5, I just cut it down to look like a file folder and used a corner rounder for the edges. Thanks so much for your compliments! That would be wonderful, wouldn't it to stop time!!!! I will go for that! YES! Teacher's gifts, great idea!

Thanks Cheryl :) you're always so sweet :)

Donna you give me lot's of confidence because I have seen your great work! Thanks!