Thursday, March 22, 2007

Christian Themed Swap

I joined another swap, this one for Christian verses. I have the perfect stamp that I haven't used yet. Yes, can you believe Ms. Frugal bought a stamp and hasn't used it?! I just knew an occasion would come up for it and well, as usual, I got in on sale :) So anyway back to the card. The sketch challenge on SCS this week gave me an idea, make the panel so that you can remove it and use it as a bookmark! Ha! I quickly put it together and I must say the whole look of the card is better in person. The background is embossed with yes, the Cbug and you can't really see how pretty the embossing is with the picture. I used the slot punch on top and bottom of the panel so it just slides sideways and then you have the bookmark!

On another note I am NOT happy with Survivor! I am glad they mixed up the groups, that brought some excitement but otherwise I am not thrilled with anyone in particular. Of course one of my 4 people got voted off last night, there are two completely annoying people that have yet to be voted off - gee I wonder why? It is just not the same as last season, or any other season for that matter! Funny how that goes. Anyway I have to make 3 cards now for my person, I only have two left! Not doing so hot am I? Oh well :)


Cheryl said...

I have quite a few scripture stamps that I love. Yours is quite nice. And what a great idea to do the bookmark that way. Do you have it stamped with the scripture underneath?

We do not watch a lot of TV so obviously don't follow any of the shows. Hope it goes the way you want it to.

papersunshine said...

Survivor is the one show I watch :) And the scripture is at the bottom of the bookmark, you can't see it in the picture!

Cheryl said...

I meant when you take the bookmark away is the scripture (the whole thing as seen on the bookmark)stamped on the card? Sorry, I am confusing.

papersunshine said...

Ohh, no it isnt but I could have, didnt think of that! Good idea!