Thursday, March 15, 2007

For the Soldiers

So I am sitting here at Gymnastics and they just got wireless Internet! Woo Hoo so I am able to upload these while here! Oh happy day, let's go to gymnastics every day now! I saw a blog where they are collecting cards for soldiers serving in the war. I have been wanting to make some for them and didn't know where to send some so I was thrilled to see this! So here are some of the ones I made, they are supposed to be 'thinking of you' or 'thanks you' cards. I made a couple if some of them want to send to kids :) Afterwards I though I should have made more since a lot of soldiers have kids! Maybe the next go 'round. I sent some others that were nice that I made a while ago. Hope you enjoy!


Kendra - SCS:apigonfire said...

yeah, gymnastics could be fun if there was wireless internet! LOL
I love your simple layouts for these cards - totally my style!

Allison said...

Great cards...going to a nice place too!

papersunshine said...

Thank you both! My son has an hour class once a week and it is not a fun place to sit around and wait (smells like a gym...) and you can't leave!

CreativeMoonBeam said...

so how much better did it get sitting there at the gym now that you can surf on the web! :) these cards are all so adorable. the little frog always brings a smile to my face. and it so great that you are making it for a great cause! ~M