Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Not sure what else to call this! The flowers seemed happy so that is the sentiment I put on the card. I put a clear button on the slider tag and someone pointed out to me it looks like a watch, cool idea for later. I ended up playing this stupid game on the Internet and wasted my card making time today! Will have to do CC and SC tomorrow. The game is to test your ability to plan ahead so I knew right off it was going to be a challenge! Plan ahead? Me? I am so much better than I used to be but it is a hard one to master. So in this game you have to join squares by changing their sizes and you have to do them in the right order to complete it (which you have to figure out what that is). 18 levels, thank God - if there were more I might still be playing! And I am not a big game player, really. No talent or patience in that department. This one was easy enough for me. So are you wondering what it is? Here is the snipped URL Plan On It. Have fun! Let me know if you like it.


scrappintrish said...

I like your card. It turned out really good. I played that game but I only got to level 4. HAHA! My son is awake so I just got on real quick to check things so I don't have time to play it.. I will come back to it. :)

papersunshine said...

I wonder if it called you back, LOL! (the game that is) Thanks again :)

Cheryl said...

A great card!