Sunday, June 17, 2007

Flip and Fold Mini Album (aka Jacobs Ladder)

This is what I made for my hubby for Father's Day. It is called a Jacobs Ladder flip and fold mini photo album. It is so much fun! I love to flip it back and forth over and over, almost didn't want to give it to him! I might make another one, it really is easy to make, just time consuming. The directions are here Splitcoast Stampers. I also made the box out of card stock, you can buy the kit at but boxes are super easy to make. The tutorial calls for those blank chipboard coasters. I used card stock and did not use the chipboard, it is sturdy enough without it. I made it plain and simple on the outside since it is for his desk at work, that way it isn't too crafty for a professional environment. The inside I decorated a little more but kept it masculine and clean, just the way he likes things. No frills for him! OK so I did use a little ribbon. Think he will notice?!

The last picture I tried to show how it climbs down the ribbon as you flip it back and forth but I don't think it really shows you how it moves. For that you have to go to the web-site I listed above. It is a great tutorial and I also printed a copy for reference. I hope someone makes this and lets me know what they think!


Cheryl said...

That is so cool!! Thanks for sharing it. I will have to go check that website out. You did another fantastic job!

Anonymous said...

You make it sound so simple that even I'm going to have to try it one day. LOL Turned out FABULOUS...very kewl indeed. I bet Dad LOVED it! Awesome Father's Day gift! I'm away for the next week, so I'll see ya when I get back! You have a great trip too!
Ciao for now,

lauren d said...

That sounds really awesome. But the link you posted doesn't work anymore. Is there anyway you could post your printed version?

papersunshine said...

Lauren, here are the instructions on Splitcoast:

Good luck!