Monday, June 4, 2007

Happy Monday

A new week! They just keep flying by! I made this cute card today for the technique lovers challenge. It is an origami fold shirt and of course I couldn't resist making it into a Father's Day card! I was looking at my cards I have been posting and I realized I have used blue in almost every single card! That should be my new challenge, no blue. Let's see what the color challenge tomorrow will be, any bets blue will be in it?

I am so proud of my lil one, he let the butterflies free! I think he could tell they were not doing so hot, we had sugar water in there for them but I think I convinced him they wanted to fly outside and enjoy life. So he bravely took them out and set each one of them on a day lily flower and I know he felt proud of himself too :) Hard things for a 5 year old. He is a sweet boy :)


Anonymous said...

I hope you got pictures of your lil brave man.

I think you do blue better then anyone I know!

Anonymous said...

Turned out FABULOUS my friend!

Love the little shirt...too cute!

And speaking of cute, gotta say I really like your little icon chick!

Like the other comment, I, too, would love to see pics of the butterfly freeing!

Hey, if blue turns out awesome time after time who cares how often it's used? LOL That said, I will look forward to seeing what comes next!


Julia Stainton said...

This is great! Love the plaid shirt! I'm soooo hoping to find time for this challenge! Darling card!

papersunshine said...

I didn't take pictures! I forget some of the best times to take pictures - just think of the journaling for the scrapbook page for that! Ugh!

Thanks for the comments :)