Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Check out my lil one's card!

The top card is made by my 5 year old! I lined the paper up in the trimmer and he cut and scored it, folded it, punched the flowers and stamped the stamps all by himself! He was copying my card below, he loves the Z-Fold card! It is a card in the Technique Junkies Newsletter online bonus (see link to the right under the "check out these sites" section). He picked the colors too, see he picked a nice light blue that works even better than mine! He made his Daddy two cards for his birthday :) Thanks for looking!


Cheryl said...

Tell PJ he did a wonderful job on his card!! His Daddy will love it. Make sure you save the cards he made.

Wow, Lori! This is post 90 for you, cool!! (I am on 90, too.)

Pat Huntoon said...

That is just the cutest thing ever -- he did a great job!

papersunshine said...

Cheryl- I will tell him, he is actually JP but get this, since he had to write it above Love he continued it right to left and backwards because that made sense to him! I think he is dyslexic but too early to tell they say.

Pat- thanks so much! I am honored you check out my blog!

Anonymous said...


Love it...turned out FABULOUS!!!

Love the design...Donna