Wednesday, August 8, 2007

It's HOT here!

It got up to 103 today! With heat Index it made it 115! That is the hottest it has been this Summer and tomorrow promises to be the same. We do get up to and past 100 but not every year or so the Weatherman says on our local news. The humidity is so bad it looks like fog - Haze hovering in the trees and such. I can't imagine living in the South 100 years ago and no Air Conditioning! I know there are people who still don't have it but that is rare. Brings a whole new meaning to "Sleeping Porch"! SO this is what I did today in my nicely modern 75 degree house. The first card is a case from Dawn5377, I love this card! I made it for my Aunt and Uncle's 66th wedding anniversary. Yes Sixty-Six! I will be going to their party Saturday. So once again I will be away but this time for two weeks visiting my family in CT. House won't be vacant though, hubby is not going this time.

The next card is just one I made, going to give it to mom to give away. I love the color combo so on the last one I used the same colors again for the Sketch Challenge.


Cheryl said...

Your cards are so professional looking! I love them all. Have a great time! Wow, two whole weeks, cool! I went without my hubby last summer for 4 weeks and I sure missed him!

Take care, Lori.
Looking forward to you getting back and you haven't even left yet.

Pat Huntoon said...

All three are great, but that cherish card is really special. Stay cool!

papersunshine said...

THank you Cheryl you're so sweet :)

Pat - thanks again, I hope it's cooler in CT!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you do it woman---you keep them coming and ALL are so awesome! YAY YOU and YAY US for having beautiful cards to drool over! Love the elegance of the Cherish one...they are going to love it!


Canton Mommy said...

What color inks did you use on the Cherish card? I tried it and couldn't get a yellow to show up on the orange. Inquiring minds want to know!

papersunshine said...

I used Craft Vanilla. That's why it appears yellowish :) The rest is gold embossing.