Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hmm what am I doing posting on a Sunday?

So here I am getting caught up since I wasn't all from 11 yesterday morning until 11:30 this morning (the longest span of time my computer has been untouched other than vacation or broken hard drive...LOL) and seems I have so much email that I felt the need to get away and do my blog! So here I am, with nothing to post. Well actually I will show you pictures of the foster dog. Not very Chihuahua in my book, mostly Italian Greyhound looking and definitely the size of one. She just needs love. Really, the poor thing. I feel so bad for her but I will say she is doing better. Other than the occasional "petrified of stairs" issue she is at least, house-trained. That in itself tells me she is not Chihuahua. She also sits on command to come in from outside and a few other things, also sign of not being Chihuahua. While my dogs will go potty outside every time you let them out, if they feel the desire while inside they will also go. UGH! Sit? Ok one of them does sit on command, the other one, let's just say every command to him sounds like "roll over" which is what he does. No matter what. But I love him! But he is the cutest!

I went to an all day and all night (just about) Stamp-a-Stack yesterday that was so much fun! I spent all day making Christmas cards! I will have to post some of them here, I have to find my stuff. I came in at 12:30 last night and was so tired everything just sort of landed in a heap on the floor and I went straight to the couch and passed out. I need my sleep! Somewhere around 5:30 this morning I got my pajamas on and dragged myself to bed. I will find them soon and take a picture and post! My boys have moved my stuff.

Off to do laundry now. Oh and read all those emails :)


Cheryl said...

You are right she does not look Chihuahua to me, either. So in other words you just have her temporarily, right? Oh, man that would be hard. I would fall in love with the dog and wouldn't be able to let it go.

Looking forward to seeing the cards you did!

Take care, Lori.

jan said...

What is her name? I think you should keep her, she is sooooo cute.

There is no school today - yippee! So I'm on the computer and it's only 6:30 am! This will be a lovely day! Can't wait to see your cards. Oh, next time we visit, Rachel wants you to give her tips on card making.

papersunshine said...

Yeah Cheryl, I was looking at Italian Greyhounds online and she is perfect for them except the ears are Chihuahua and her coloring is Chi. So yes, temporarily although they are encouraging me to keep her!

Jan I am trying to love her, she just is just not cuddly LOL! have an awesome day off! And you know I would be more than happy to help Rachel!

regina barnett said...

she is a sweety. Very cute. I would keep her. She has alot of good quaily.

papersunshine said...

Thanks Regina, nice of you to say :) We have been talking about it!

Anonymous said...

Did you keep her?
I'll keep reading til
I'm caught up...maybe
I should have asked
after I finish if I
don't find the answer!

So behind in doing every-
thing this year...crazy!!!

I did not make one Christmas
card this lame eh?
I will look forward to peeking
at all the ones you've made
instead! heehee