Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Short Update

Here are the pictures from the Craft Show and a nice picture of the view from the Blue Ridge Parkway where we just went. Gorgeous views up there! Anyway I had a goal for the craft fair and I exceeded it by half again! I basically wanted to break even in my trial run and I did more so I am thrilled! However, I can't do this more than once a year, if that. It is way too much work. What I love the most about it though is talking with people. I am a people person and I loved chatting with everyone! So it is more fun for that than it is to make money as far as I am concerned. I used to go around the country working at trade shows and really liked it, this reminded me of that. I was there for 10 hours and it flew by and I wasn't even tired until I got home.


Cheryl said...

Wow!! It looks so nice. Any close ups? I know, I know, never satisfied,lol, but do you have any? :-)

Those mountains remind me of The Smokies, are they related? Oh man,don't mind me.(That reminds me I had a friend when I would say never mind he would say "Never do".)

Just in case I don't catch ya later today you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Take care, Lori.

papersunshine said...

Thanks Cheryl! Close-ups of the mountains or the table?! Actually it is the Smokies :) The Blue Ridge Pkwy goes through N. Carolina too, a lot of people think it only goes through VA/W.VA. I have more pics I will share with you. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!!

Cheryl said...

I just knew the Smokies were in Tennessee didn't know where else.

Whoops! Sorry. I was talking about the table.

Later alligator.

Jenny said...

Very impressed with your table!!

papersunshine said...

Thank you Jenny!

Anonymous said...


Glad you exceeded your expectations.

Happy you enjoyed the day.

Good to talk to people.

Did you have a difficult time pricing things? Were your prices accepted without question? Inquiring minds would like to know how stressed you were the night before! : )

YAY to successful craft fair! Did you get to go shopping there too???

*full of questions eh? LOL

papersunshine said...

Thanks Donna! I did go shopping. Ha! - I bought these things called marshmallow shooters for the boys. Too fun! It is PVC pipe made into a shape of a rifle sort of and you put a mini marshmallow in it and blow and the thing flies out pretty far! I also got a pair of nice hand made earings out of Svorski (sp?) crystals. It was hard pricing. If you want to sell the items you have to mark it cheaper than it is worth. And don't consider your time in the factor LOL!