Thursday, November 1, 2007

A White Card

I rarely use white card stock showing on the card front any more! So I thought I would make this card as I saw one similar and loved it. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out! Just have to get over it being "different". I added one of my old punch flowers too, I have all these new punches and die cuts with the Cuttlebug that I never use my old things and you know me, practical as ever I HAD to pull out something old to make it worth the purchase still LOL! I put one of those "old" jewel prong-types on it which I will use them up until they are gone. SU has come out with them as brads, much easier to use. By the time I use these up to get those there will be something new out I am sure. Funny how the styles change just often enough for you to have old things left over. Or maybe we buy too much of the old things or maybe we buy too much period LOL!

I am always berating myself for my purchases but I make myself use them, I will not hoard paper or supplies if I can help it! My mom instilled that in me, we had to watch every paper towel, piece of toilet paper and piece of Kleenex we used when I was growing up and I drive my husband nuts when I take him to task every time he takes more than one paper towel! Oh, and I was at someone's house a few weeks back and I had to bite my tongue and look away as she pulled out a piece of aluminum foil and it was too small so she threw it out and got another one! I cringed, literally! Arghh I would have folded it and put it in the cupboard for use on a smaller item. Do we really live in that much excess now? All this being said, you have seen the pictures of my craft room so I certainly have more than I need so I can't talk, huh? I do try to be good, really!!!


Cheryl said...

Another awesome card! I love it! The flower was perfect.

Can't say to much about not wasting stuff but I tend to save things and then I have the clutter thing going on. My husband is the opposite in that regard, very organized and doesn't get what we don't need (I am grateful for that :-)

If you decide there are things you won't be using anymore maybe E-Bay is a way to go. Just a thought.

Take care, Lori.

My Semblance of Sanity said...

This is beautiful!
So much of your stuff could be framed - and your color schemes match my mom's decor.

So, silly question, do you sell these locally or ebay or have a website?

papersunshine said...

Thank you Cheryl! I have a bunch of Gymboree clothes i should put on ebay but it seems such a hassle to mail stuff.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Thank you I have a few things for sale at a craft thing right now and I will be going to a one day craft fair in two weeks with a bunch of stuff. I believe you can't sell anything with SU stamped on it on ebay until the middle of this month. They just changed their Angel policy. And thank you!!

Anonymous said...

So dainty!

Love the freshness of the white!

Every SB I know has more than they need. LOL Just part of the hobby!


papersunshine said...

Well I believe that is very true Donna :) Thank you!