Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What a pretty color combo!

This is a case of a card on Splitcoast that I just had to do! I love the colors! The white in the layers adds so much, I would have never thought to layer with white. The colors are wild wasabi and bayou blue (from Stampin Up of course!).

I have to just say I am at a loss as to what to do with my teenage son. He has ADD and has struggled with school his whole life. However he is smart and gets 100's on his tests, he just won't do his classwork or homework. He is totally unmotivated and I for the life of me can't figure out how to motivate him. I know some people can relate because I have read things in the past about kids like him. It is so frustrating! We have taken away his privileges, he doesn't want to drive so we don't have that, he knows he isn't going to hang around the house once he is 18 and that he has to go to college (or get a job) but none of it matters to him! Ugh! I hope this is just a stage and he will find himself. I love this kid to death, he is a good kid but he is making it hard for himself and us! Thanks for "listening". Any great motivating ideas would be appreciated :)


Cheryl said...

Love the card!! It looks great!

As for your teenage son I am not there yet but I think if one of mine were to have an issue with getting homework done I think I would sit down with him until it was done (a sacrifice for you of your time, I know). I know that won't work when he goes to college 'cause you won't be there but maybe if you do it often enough he will get the picture that that is the only choice he has. Of course since I have no experience with teenagers you may take that with a grain of salt (whatever that means).

Take care, Lori.

Cheryl said...

OK, on further thought I was wondering if using a timer would work. He could set it for 15 minutes and work really hard for that time and then when it goes off he can do whatever he wants for 15 minutes or whatever you think would be good and then when the timer goes off for that time he sets it for 15 minutes for the next round of homework and continues until he is done with his homework. Hey, I know I may not be helping a whole lot but I thought I would give it a shot. Hope he sees the light soon. E-Mail me if you want to.

Take care, Lori.

papersunshine said...

I am going to sit down with him, that is a good idea. I tried tonight but he claims he doesn't know his assignments and doesn't have the right books etc. Yeah right. Tomorrow he is supposed to have them. We used to do the timer thing when he was in 6th and 7th grade and it worked then but doesn't work anymore, he simply doesn't do the work even for 15 minutes and will be at the table for three or more hours and do nothing.

Anonymous said...

LOVE how the white stands out and makes the card so striking!!! Absolutely stunning...

As for your son, all I can think of right now is that there has to be some sort of motivation for him to want to do it...ie: a reward of some sort that will entice him. Unfortunately I have no idea what that could be or if "bribery" is even a helpful option. Have you tried talking to his teachers? I'm sure they have had several students with the same situation over the years and may have some insight as to what worked for others? Or an online group for suggestions...wish I could just suggest the answer you're looking for, but I know you would have tried everything already that I could ever come up with. Hope you've figured this out by now since I'm so late in responding.