Saturday, April 19, 2008

About the new house

To answer some questions about the new house, it is in the same town, just bigger. It's so funny how when you remove all the clutter from your home to sell it, suddenly you like your house again! Now if only we could live in this house with another house next door to store our stuff in! You know, holiday dishes and plates, appliances, video games, scrapbooking and stamping stuff, TV's, all that stuff that there is no room for and makes things look cluttered! Living with-out them is just sitting in an empty house going "what a pretty house" though. Hence the need for a bigger house. Or at least one with cupboards, pantry, linen closets, another bedroom etc. I can't imagine why they built this house without them! Let me clarify that, I do have some kitchen cupboards but all I can fit is our every day dishes, glasses, canned goods, cereal and stuff. We put our linens (towels, blankets and sheets) in our clothes closet and in a dresser scrunched in the hallway. No basement or walk up attic either. Like I said pretty house, not functional. We didn't know when we bought it! OK hopefully no one who is looking at my blog would have bought my house until I said this LOL!

Back to the new house. It has a huge kitchen with an island (lots of storage underneath), butler's pantry, regular pantry, some other storage closet(which is not the coat closet) off the kitchen (going to be used for vacuum cleaner, kids backpacks and the like) has a bar counter so we can put bar stools there and eat, has 4 (yes, 4!) linen closets upstairs and cupboards in the laundry room! That hopefully will to do it LOL! Did I mention the master bedroom closets? There are two and each one is 9 feet long and 4 feet wide. Oh my goodness the space is going to be overwhelming. Remind me not to fill every inch so it still feels spacious and nice!!! I must remember "no over-stuffing the new house"! I need to read this blog a year from now :)

I will say it is going to take me a week to clean this house every week (get it, haha). Not sure I am prepared for that but I know it is the price I will have to pay so I am ready (so I say, huh?). I need the exercise anyway. Oh, did I mention the third floor? It is unfinished but an awesome walk up storage room and if we want to finish it some day (and lose our storage, I think not LOL!) it is a bedroom and a bonus room and plumbed and framed for a full bath. Besides, more rooms to clean and I don't need that! We are more happy about having stairs to an attic, a big floor in it so we have a place for the Christmas decorations, and other stuff we can't part with :)

So that's the story, we are so very excited!


Cheryl said...

Sounds like a dream house to me! I am so excited for you and your family. I am curious how many square feet is the house you are in and how many in the house you are moving to? The storage sounds wonderful. Our house has very little storage and very cluttered. We, I mean, I need to get rid of stuff but it is hard. Mark would like to throw stuff away but I just can't let go, not yet anyway.

So happy for you, Lori. Take pictures when you have a chance. As for looking at this post in a year, that may be too long, try once a month.:-)

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Living in a condo I drool with every detail you provide! LOL Sounds FABULOUS Lori!


peanutbee said...

Your new place sounds awesome!! How exciting!

papersunshine said...

Cheryl we are leaving 2400sf and going to 4900sf. Yeah, crazy I know but where we live this is the norm. Where I used to live most homes were under 2000sf. Thanks for the well wishes and I must say it feels really good now I have gotten rid of so much stuff!

Thanks Donna, I try not to be too proud, I am really grateful we can do this and I don't take it for granted! it could all be gone in a flash.

Thanks Denise! I am beside myself I am so excited!