Thursday, April 10, 2008

Buried in Swaps

I don't usually sign up for but one swap every few months but for some reason I got a little crazy and signed up for 5 at once. Well I got two done, one continues until July (SOTM - Stamp of the Month for House Mouse), then there is "Grunge tags", "Image" card swap, and "Gruffies" card swap. All this and I have to pack my stuff away! Sooo feeling a little stressed lately :)

I haven't made a card all week. No I take that back, I finished my April swap for SOTM but I don't have anything for here! I can't post that card yet as it will spoil it for some of the gals in the group (they look at my blog). Some of them don't like to see other's cards until they made their own. We all use the same image so we all want to be original with-out influence.

OH! I have been blog tagged! Woo Hoo! By Peanutbee check out her blog from SCS, I have to write 7 random things about myself so here we go:

1. I am left handed but I cut with scissors with my right hand.
2. I don't think I have ever lived without a dog.
3. I love fruit desserts but don't like chocolate desserts.
4. I wish I could visit my online scrapbooking friend and her daughter in New Zealand.
5. I never imagined I would have a child let alone two (and be happy about it)!
6. I was saved when I was 14 at a concert at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.
7. I have lost 50 pounds 6 times (and found it obviously!)

Now for the card above. It is a card I CASE'd from SCS because it is so pretty! Had to try it myself. Being left handed I had a heck of a time with the marker ink smearing but alas I tried to white out (with a white gel marker pen) the messes.


Cheryl said...

I love, love, love it!! So very nice, Lori.

Loved reading the 7 random things about you!

Take care.

papersunshine said...

Thank you! Random for sure :)

Anonymous said...

I did too. I think you should come here for a visit as well though! LOL

Pretty card!!!