Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ohhhhhh myyyyy Love this stamp!

Note: click on it to see the card better (bigger)then come back here ;)

So I saw this stamp on a card a few weeks back. It was a "sneak peak" of a new set coming out by Hanna Stamps. For those of you who know my love for Chihuahua's, what Chihuahua stamp do I not have?!!! Of course I was practically chomping at the bit to get this. I patiently waited for the Release Party on SCS, then ran (my fingers across the keyboard and went to the web-site LOL) and placed my order! I got this stamp yesterday (we had our mail held for vacation or I would have had it sooner) and had to ink it immediately. I had no earthly idea of a layout or colors so I thought I would do the color challenge for the week. Well I swayed too much from the challenge to post it, ooops. I used Apricot, Coral & Celery. I was supposed to us Moss not celery and add caramel. Oh well, I love this combo! I kind of forgot about embellishments since I was so enamored with this adorable little Chi :) I added some brads and cord as an afterthought and it looks it but I just wanted to use the stamp and only had a few minutes. I promise to make more and take my time with more embellishments and such this cutie pie deserves! Thanks for looking! Run over to Hanna Stamps, she has many different kinds of sets. Kristi is great, great customer service and great products.


jan said...

I love that this dog is a girl! She is sooooo cute, I understand why you had to get this stamp.

papersunshine said...

Yes she is so prissy! Love it!

Cheryl said...

How sweet is that!! Nice card.

peanutbee said...

I can see why you love this stamp...absolute adorable! Love this card with the thin card along the bottom...great colors too!

Anonymous said...


Love the colour combo!!!