Thursday, May 15, 2008

Final Survivor Cards

These are my two final cards to send. One os for Amanda who I thought was going to win and the other for Erik who has now won the most stupid move in the entire Survivor series. Seriously, he let the girls talk him into giving one of them the immunity necklace thereby they voted him out. He took it very well though, he is a good kid. Shame on those girls! I won 20 cards for having the winner and 8 cards for having second place and 1 card each for Erik and I believe James. So if anyone needs a card, let me know I got 30 coming to me LOL! This was a lot of fun and I am so bummed it is over. This was the best season in the latter half. Next season is in Gabon in Africa - maybe they are staying away from the Southern Pacific, floods, cyclones, Volcanoes, earthquakes.... Might not be a bad idea! That's all for today- went to a stamping class tonight at Artist Oasis on using the Stampscapes stamps. Way cool, will show that later.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards! Love the colour combo...and I'm with you about Erik...that was hilarious! He deserved it, and knew it too! hahaha

Bring on the next season!!!