Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Final week for the move!

This is our moving week! It is so exciting but so chaotic! I cant even begin to tell you my schedule and lists of things to do. Crazy! We are moving out Thursday, staying in a hotel Thursday night and then closing on the new house at 2:30 on Friday and moving in shortly thereafter! I have bought over 60 boxes and have to go get more. We are almost done packing, a few rooms left and then the odds and ends we need to live this week. Seems like a long process and at the same time seems like this week got here fast.

Just wanted to let everyone know I will probably not blog much this week and really don't have anything creative to post. I will get internet connection back hopefully on Saturday but we will see how that goes because the security people have tied in their system with cable and such and we aren't having a security system so they have to come out and connect or disconnect or something LOL! So once I get settled, internet back up and all, I will be back here :) For now I might try to give a progress report. Anyway pray for this to all go smoothly and the closings go well etc. Thanks!!!


Cheryl said...

Will say a little prayer that everything goes smooth. So exciting!!

jan said...

You need a spa weekend to relax after the move. About 50 more days and I get to see the new house - yippppppeeeeeee - how exciting!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I'm this far behind in reading your blog...craaaazzzzyyy!