Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm Back and Get Well Greetings

Our trip to VA was nice, the weather was decent (below 80 most of the time,yeah!) and it was so pretty there! We went to the Shenandoah National Park and the Skyline drive through it is so nice. Lot's of Vista's where you can pull over and see layers and layers of hills and valleys in the distance and then another mountain range beyond that even! Meadows and trees and places to stop to hike along the Appalachian Trail. We did the trail. OK we did 2 miles of the trail LOL! I worked with a guy a few years back that hiked the trail. The whole thing, from GA to Maine. I can't image! It took him 6 months. Since it goes through all the mountains it is nothing but up hills and down hills and no, no restrooms or showers! I am sure it would be a life changing experience. Anyway we also went to Luray Caverns. I have been to 5 different caverns now in 4 different states and by far this was the prettiest and most impressive. The entire 1.25 mile tour was floor to ceiling and sometimes 45 feet high stalactites and stalagmites. Huge ones, not just a few skinny ones here and there but massive 500 ton ones and curtains that were 4 feet long and 12 feet wide etc. Amazing place. My 6 year old loved it. There is even a lake in there that is about 4 feet from the ceiling and it reflects the stalactites perfectly in the pool. No picture can show the beauty of that let me tell you :)

So now for a card. My brother-in-law had surgery last week and I wanted to make a card for him and send it. Sometimes I wait to long to make these and then I don't send it because I procrastinated! So this was #1 on my mind this weekend after we got home. I love the colors, and the tree was my attempt at masculine. Thanks for being patient and coming back to my blog even after a brief break :)



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Cheryl said...

Sounds like a great place to go, that's for sure!

Great card!

DART said...

Caves sound MAGNIFICENT! Would LOVE to see that place in person! Sounds like you had a fab trip too which is awesome!

Your card turned out great...I am lovin' that distressed folder myself...looks great every time it's used!!!

Welcome Back!