Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Christmas Things

Just a cute container for holding Hershey's nuggets. It is made from a 4 x 11 piece of designer paper cardstock and I just sort of guessed where to fold it, I just made sure I had a 1 inch base so there is room for the candy. The rest I just laid it on top, wrapped it around and folded it to fit. Pretty easy!

This is one of those crayon boxes again, a little different (but not much) than my last one and it the next picture is open so you can see I was able to fit 4 sets of stamps inside (the small $1.99 ones from Archivers - not big sets!) These are gifts for a secret santa swap I am participating in, hope she doesn't see my blog! It is supposed to be hush hush until later this month :)


Cheryl said...

You are so creative! Some neat ideas!

papersunshine said...

Thanks! I see these things and then try to make them :)