Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My bff and her daughter have left...

Old Baldy Lighthouse

In case you wondered where I have been, my bff and her daughter came for a visit for the week. She lives in Southern California, the one I visited back in March. We had a blast, doing all kinds of fun things like getting eaten alive by mosquitoes in Orton Plantation Gardens LOL! (They do provide spray!) We went to the beach for the weekend, we had pedicures at a real nice spa and spent a lot of time it seemed at swim practice and swim meets! Thank you Jan for being so patient with swim team stuff :) We also made a scrapbook for her daughter's upcoming trip to Japan, pages are ready for her pictures when she goes! I will post the pages next time but here are a few pictures from our trip, these are from Bald head Island and Orton Gardens

Orton Gardens

Finally saw an alligator in NC!

Such nice bridges and walkways.

Lower gardens.

The Orton House.

Walking the path through the gardens.

Bald Head Island, NC

The beach on the south side.

Road on the island, golf carts only!

From the top of the lighthouse, view of the point where the sand bars are.

Walking on the sand bars at low tide.

Sunset on the ferry ride.

Pretty Toes :)


Jan and Rachel said...

Hey, didn't know you posted these. Love the toes :) We had a great time!!! But, the mosquitoes were horrid :(

papersunshine said...

Yeah, I didn't get a notice from feedblitz either! All our toes came out lovely :) Well now that we have seen a plantation in a swamp we wont have to go again! Or go in the Winter when the mosquitoes are hibernating :)