Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another Cutie Pie

This is part of the Summer collection from Magnolia that I have been using. Isn't she cute in her little bathing suit? The inner tube came with the collection and of course you just set her on it! I love this paper and color combo too :) The ribbon is the new SU Incolor ribbon and the flower is a sticker actually, placed on a circle I punched from card stock. There are tiny little pink jewels on the flower-like circle on the right side patterned paper which actually adds a lot to it in person! On the bottom piece of card stock I punched a row of holes across and stamped the card stock to have that spotted look.

OK that's about all I can think of, I have been busy in my "new life" exercising and eating right which takes up an interestingly large amount of time! I have to plan meals, shop frequently (fresh veggies etc.) and cook besides the time it takes (an hour at least) to exercise daily then shower after etc. which I end up with two showers a day often and with my hair that is no easy task. I had no idea! I guess I wasted a lot of time before :) It is paying off though, I have lost 31.5 pounds :)


Cheryl said...

Sweet card! Yay! to losing. You should do a before and after picture when you are done. That is so cool! I also need to lose weight, a lot of weight. It is not easy but it is possible. Anyway, you go girl!

Take care, Lori.

Beth B said...

adorable card!! You are such an inspiration to me with your weight loss!! You rock!!

Jessica G. said...

Such a cutie! Tilda is definitely enjoying the last days of summer with those pretty DPs and ribbon!!

Way to go on the lifestyle changes! Over 30# lost is most impressive and I bet you are feeling better than ever, too!!