Saturday, January 23, 2010


OK here are some pictures from CHA! The first one is me with my "sewing" make n'takes, I don't sew but I must say these were fun! Next is me with Technique Junkies Pat!!! Wooo Hoo, she is so nice :) Next is the genious behind Splitcoast web development - Daven himself! Then Jenn Balcer and I, she was very nice to meet too! Last but not least is my BFF and her daughter, we were sitting on the Splitcoast couch with cool balloons made to look like flowers behind us. They were very kind and patient with this whole "CHA thing" and stayed the whole day with me. Her daughter scrapbooks and we took a fun class but my friend isn't into it and was amazingly patient with my enthusiasm towards this :) She liked the sewing too. Tomorrow I go back and will take other pictures, tonight I am beat. It was a lot of fun though!

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Jan said...

We had fun and we had no idea there were so many crafty things. Have fun today :)