Friday, January 1, 2010

Inspired by "pine"

There is a blog called pine is here. And so why am I telling you this? I love it! She is very inspiring! She uses Kraft paper for almost every card she makes. Since I have only been following her blog for about 6 months now I am not sure of the story behind why she does this but it is so cool. Ink looks really neat stamped on it (especially craft white by Stampin' Up)and it is great for a base. She makes her cards clean and simple yet they are the bomb! I have made some cards inspired by her designs and put them on this post to show you. I did tweak them a little bit due to not having the same paper or stamps or just had an idea. I hope you like them!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope this year will be better for everyone :)

P.S. After spending half the morning resizing and trying to get the last two cards to load on this post properly, I give up. Blogger is the only site that does this to my cards! And it is random, it must automatically orient them to what it think is is "up". UGH! I give up - turn your head sideways hehe ;)


jan said...

20 more days until you're back in CA!!! Can't wait :)

Jessica G. said...

Isn't Heather talented?! Kraft is one of my favorites, too, because it seems to make every color look better!

Gorgeous cards, Lori. I don't think I can even pick a favorite because they are all stunning! Maybe the second card because I love the layout; it's perfect for the images you chose and those images are some of my favorites!!

Nancy said...

What neat ideas! I have looked for kraft cs locally but can never find it. I like all the cards but particularly the first two with small touches of blue with the kraft cs. Wonderful!

Brandi said...

They are gorgeous! The kraft looks amazing as background paper ~ TFS! :)

DART said...

These turned out great! I'm also a big PINE fan!