Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mother's Day Gifts, could be Teacher's Gifts





These are card purses I made with a friend for Mother's Day. They are copied from someone who posted it online for Mother's Day ideas. We simply cut two circles, cut the bottom off and made a little bottom and side for the inside. On one we used a small white gift bag on the inside which is an alternative to creating your own pattern for inside the purse. Then we made 4 little gift cards with envelopes to put inside. The cards are the ones I made for my mom and mother in law. I haven't been very creative lately, running has taken over my life. That is a good thing, I have lost 65 pounds and feel better than ever! I do have a bunch of cards I made for my Survivor Swap which I have to get off my camera and onto the computer and cropped for my blog. Thanks for hanging in with me and checking back! I will post again soon :)

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jan said...

Yeah, you posted! These are very pretty. Thank you for sharing :)