Monday, November 8, 2010

Henry and his Ornament



My sweet boy, he wanted to make a card just like Mommy's :) So here is my card which I cased the layout and his card below. He wanted it exactly like mine but the scalloped edge was enough to drive me nuts and I didn't want to subject him to it so his is straight-edged. I think he did a great job and I was thrilled to have him make something with me. This stamp is another cutie pie, my dear friend Paula gave it to me, thank you again gal!

Thanks for looking :)


Anonymous said...

You are welcome!! I love that scalloped edge!! Great job!

Monkey Girl said...

Wow great job guys!!! Until you said that he made the 2nd one I wouldn't have noticed. I was just thinking that you had made 2 different ones to see which one you liked better. He takes after you mom!! GREAT JOB!!!

jan said...

This is so cute! JP almost outshines you - hehe! Keep putting up Holiday cards, they are so cheerie. Do you have any Thanksgiving ones?

Jessica G. said...

Adorable card, Lori! Beautiful coloring and soft color pallette; the image is just too cute!!

Awesome card by your DS! Great job and great time spent together!!

papersunshine said...

I have to say thank you so much for your kind words on our cards! My son was so disappointed with his card and he didn't think it was good so all of you made him so happy and he feels much more confident now! You made his day :)