Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I am addicted to challenges now, I admit it. I waited for today's challenge last night with the other "s'talkers". Good grief. Anyway I ended up doing Monday's technique challenge which is a criss-cross card. So here it is. I am also posting a lone scrapbook page I did for another challenge, it was a layout challenge. That is why it is simple without a lot of embellishments. So back to today's challenge that I eagerly waited for, I don't like it! It is the color challenge, for Chinese New Years (which I do like) but anyway the colors are red, gold and black. Love the colors, love them together, just for Christmas and Valentine's which I am so done with this year. So I have to get real creative and think of a way to use them for non-holiday theme! Can I do it? We will see :)

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Donna said...

More pretties! Just lovely work!