Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Color Challenge

OK so back to the color challenge I mentioned yesterday. Red, black and gold. Non-holiday. Wasn't sure if I could but I did it! Yeah! So here it is. I love the saying. The paper is by Penny Black, a ginkgo leaf design. The paper is really pretty with black around it! By itself it was kind of drab but on the card it is great. I combined it with the sketch challenge which I quite like.

I picked up the cutest, funky birthday stamp today I hope to play with tomorrow. So that might be tomorrow's post, we will see :) Today was running the lil one around day, he certainly has lot's of fun things to do! The older one, oh dear teenagers! Ack! He is very unmotivated lately, ok lazy. I said it. Lazy, lazy, lazy! I try to remember what it was like to be 14, it is not working! So off I go to nag a certain someone into doing homework.


Donna said...

Look at you go! These challenges are perfect for you and all that untapped creative energy you have inside ya! Woo Hoo! And being 14 sucked. LOL Don't ya remember? All ya wanted was to be 16 and able to drive! hee hee

Tracy said...

Ok so loving this one! The colours work fab togther.
Im winning Lotto this weekend.. will fly you over to make things for me k? LOL

papersunshine said...

Aww you gals are too kind, I will fly anytime to either of your places! One of us has to win the Lotto :)
Glad I'm not 14 anymore.

Cheryl said...

I love this stamp!! You are sure up to the challenge. This is something beautiful you would see in one of those nice gift shops.

papersunshine said...

Wow, thanks, I just dont have confidence in my own stuff.