Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring Trees and the Weekly Color Challenge

OK two sort of diverse subjects! I keep thinking when I am driving my lil one to and from pre-school that I ought to bring my camera and get some pictures of these awesome Bradford Pear trees downtown. I also wanted to get pictures of the Forsythia's outside our neighborhood. So today I brought my camera and well I didn't get out of my vehicle to take the pictures so they will have to do :) Even though I would like to do that I feel stupid standing there with a camera as all these people go by! Anyway I wanted to share the first bits of Spring here.

For the other part of the subject, the Color Challenge is on Tuesdays and I have it done! Here it is and the colors are: really rust, brocade blue and marigold morning. I used my Cuttlebug yet again, I use it every day (that was part of my deal with myself to buy it). I did the embossing on the white background, die cut the flowers and tag.

Off I go to 'play', I am outside in the back yard while the lil one is in the sand box having a blast burying and finding 'treasure' :) Got to be grateful for beautiful days like today!


papersunshine said...

Lalala humm tee dummm, where did my commenters (commentors?) go? So here I am commenting on nothing :) LOL!

Cheryl said...

Uuhhh, here I am (one of them anyway). Congrats on being on the other site. I love the Spring pictures and the card!! You are doing such an awesome job on your cards. You are so funny, lol. That's kinda like me when I try to have a chat with my family and I end up being the only one there. I will say something like "I am here, where is everybody."

OOPS! Sorry for the book.

papersunshine said...

Thank you Cheryl! Yeah, some days I wonder if I didn't talk to myself who would talk to me?! LOL. Then somedays I tell my 4 year old 'mommy needs some quiet time' because he yacks non-stop. So I can't win or lose :) depending on the day!