Monday, March 19, 2007

Working on Invitations

My son's 5th Birthday is fast approaching so I decided to make his invitations this year. I have to make at least 20, possibly more! One of those things where you invite the whole class so no one gets their feelings hurt, but it makes for a lot of work. Oh well, that's ok. I have started an assembly line for it and will work on it a little each day. I did print the inside part so no stamping there! The design of this card is someone else's sorry I don't know who though or where even. I used the frog and different colors than the one they used. Should I put googly eyes on the frog? Or is it overkill? I am afraid of over-doing it! Oh and when the invitation part is pushed in all you see is the front and the yellow circle area, pretty cool idea. Ugh, the picture is blurry but I don't have time to retake it.

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