Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Getting caught up

Ahhhh I feel better! I had time to do a card today. This is the color challenge one, eggplant, saffron and rose red. I had a hard time with this card. I remade this card (without adhering thankfully) and cut and cut again and trashed part of it LOL! I had a yellow cut out flower layer too but it just didn't look good. I ended up covering almost all of the embossing which bummed me out as it looked cool, then I couldn't figure out what to do with the ribbon so I pulled out the ribbon buckle and did what I did with it, is that how it is supposed to be used? you can't just run the ribbon through, there is no center piece to hold it. Anyway I wanted to use dazzling diamonds with my new glue 'pen' and it worked great. So this is the end result and I somehow wanted more for it. I am getting good reviews for it so I must not have done too bad! It is so hard to judge your own work. Thanks for looking!


Cheryl said...

I love it!!! You did an awesome job on it.

papersunshine said...

Awww thank you, what's funny is I saw a card that was posted later for this challenge who did what I was trying to do. I couldn't get it from my head to the paper!