Monday, April 2, 2007

Little bit of heaven

It is gorgeous today! I am sitting on my porch, it is 80 degrees, no humidity and the sun shining through the trees makes it perfect! Spring is my favorite time of year. It used to be Summer but living in the South has changed that! It is sooooo hot and sooooo humid here in the Summer it is intolerable. But Spring, ahhhhhh the leaves growing, the flowers blooming and the warm weather. I am not getting anything done around the house this afternoon but it can wait. The weather isn't like this that often.

Here are some cards I made recently, one is the faux shaving cream technique and the other is a case of the featured stamper Emily G. She is also the person who puts up the color challenges every week, love them! All of the info is in my gallery on SCS.

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