Monday, April 2, 2007

April is Autism Awareness Month

Autism affects 1 out of every 150 children. What a big statistic! For comparison, 1 out of every 800 to 1000 children are born with Downs Syndrome. I found this information on another stamper's blog (see link below) and to help out this cause I am linking to this web-site. This is a special stamp set made for this cause called 'Love you to pieces'. With each purchase of this stamp set she will donate $8.00 to Autism Speaks.

Why I am interested is my youngest son has SID or SPD (Sensory Integration Dysfunction or Sensory Processing Dysfunction, same thing, two names). Sensory Integration Dysfunction is the inability of the brain to correctly process information brought in by the senses. He was diagnosed at 2 1/2 and has been treated with O.T. and with a Specialized Therapist ever since. It is not Autism, but is closely related. It is a neurological disorder that affects social skills as well as their daily life! Sound, light, colors, smells all cause him to lose control of his behavior. Most children with Autism have SID but not all SID kids have Autism. I am grateful that he can speak, play and interact with us but he wants so bad to have friends and play with them and to function in school that it makes me so sad. That is why I am doing all I can to help him and help causes related. Thanks for reading and check out this great stamp set! Stamps For a Cause


HoleyCow said...

Oprah had a show on today about Autism. really good info.. and to see people living with this.

papersunshine said...

I missed it! Arghhhhhhh! I could have recorded it if I had known :(

Anonymous said...

My grandson (10 yrs.) deals with this. He is pretty high functioning but has the behavior issues and it is VERY sad that it does affect the friend relationships. It is more upsetting that ADULTS look at him as a bratt or undisciplined when the truth is my son and daughter in law are very strict with him.

Have a wonderful day!