Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Almost Wednesday already!

So here it is Tuesday night and I haven't done one card this week! Amazing! I did work on Monday's challenge but it isn't to my liking. It came out way too light so you can hardly see the flowers for the batik technique. So I didn't make a card out of it. I did however do 8 pages for my dog scrapbook! I have 4 more to go and all 20 pages will be done. I need to start taking pictures of it and upload them. Ok just writing this and I decided to take at least one picture to put here on my blog :) More to follow! I am hoping tomorrow will be less hectic so I can make a card or two. Until then, have a good day!


Cheryl said...

Thanks for letting us see these pictures!! Some awesome pages!!

papersunshine said...

Thanks, do you want to see the album I made at Archiver's without the pictures in it? I haven't put the pictures in yet and it might give some good layout ideas.