Wednesday, May 2, 2007

More Scrapbook Pages of the Dog Album

Here are more pages! They are in the sleeves of the scrapbook, doesn't make for a good image! This is not the book I did at Archiver's, it is one I have had lying around for a long time but is the same size. I was able to copy the basic layout of a lot of the pages from the other scrapbook to make this one, I had left over embellishments and some I had gathered over time for this purpose. So it isn't quite as matchy-matchy as the other one! I will actually take pictures of that one too eventually and post it. It is nicer.

One thing about doing this dog album, I am still very sad about losing both those dogs. It has been 1 year since Paco is gone and 2 years that Nina has been gone and I still miss them terribly. They were such a part of our lives for so long, 17 years for Paco and 15 for Nina. We got Paco right after we got married! We had both of them 3 years before our oldest son was born. So they were almost children in a way. Chloe and Sampson are great dogs too, and in time I am sure they will be as much a part of my 'being' as they were. I kind of grew up with them! All the way from my 20's to my 40's. So needless to say a few tears come to my eyes but I know for years to come we all will enjoy this scrapbook of them and cherish the time we had. I will do the scrapbook for Chloe and Sampson as soon as I am done with Paco and Nina's.

Thanks for reading, I hope I didn't bore you to death with my dogs! Most people can relate though :)


Cheryl said...

Didn't bore me. Pets really are one of the family and are missed just as much, I think. This is a great scrapbook!!!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME pages! Love all the 'doggy stuff' and I can't wait to see more...and no worries dear friend, it's all apart of the healing process and that can last a lifetime! So continue to ENJOY your newest furbabies and think of Nina & Paco often too and smile! BIG HUGS, Donna

papersunshine said...

I appreciate it! I showed it to my mother-in-law who loved these pups too and she cried. I need to make one of these for her dog for her!

Anonymous said...

Hey just wanted to say I just came across these pages, they are so cute. I'm doing a couple pages for my sister of her dog and the "Dogs wait for us faithfully" reminded so much of him!