Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No time for cards today!

I am going into withdrawals - I have not had time to make a card today! Tuesdays I am not home and by the time I can sit down I am too tired (like now) and am going to bed with my book club book. So no card today but tomorrow I want to try to do color challenge and sketch challenge so I will share then :) I did drop my cards off today and they loved them! I am so excited, it is a temporary thing but I can at least get a feel for it. Someone rained on my parade today and said you cant sell SU stamped cards on ebay per their angel policy. That isn't fair! Not sure what I am going to do then. I am not a demo, but she said it applied to non-demos too.

Oh, back to the book - it is called "What she left for me" by Tracie Peterson and it is about a woman who's husband left her and how she dealt with it and God. I haven't finished but so far it is good! This will be my first meeting in the book club. Ok off I go, goodnight!


Cheryl said...

I would double check on SU policy (not just E-Bay). Get it from the company so you don't have any doubts. Some companies (I did research on this at one time) will let you use their stamps up to a certain amount that you bring in and others want people to contact them and then there are others that are true angel companies and don't put restrictions on the use of their stamps. But SU is one I didn't check into because I think I only have one of their sets. Just a thought.

I am reading "Anne of Green Gables". Seen the movie but haven't read the books. Got the set at an auction for a couple dollars. Your book sounds interesting.

Take care, Lori.

papersunshine said...

I will then Cheryl good idea! Thanks! I never read Ann of Green Gables, I read Little Women which seems like I would have read them both. I finished the book tonight and it was good. Lot's of twists and certainly got the message across to forgive and love one another no matter what!

Anonymous said...

you will find a way to sell your cards because they will sell themselves! : )

Book club...all this crafting...man oh man, you've found a way to do it all! (must be that coffee thing! lol)