Monday, September 24, 2007

Ketchup err... I mean Catch Up

My son drinks ketchup. OK not literally but I wonder. We go through one of those Sam's Club bottles a month and he is the one who uses it. Eeeek! I was told once it is full of sugar. That explains it right there. If he were fat or getting fat I would seriously have to consider limiting it! So I need to go buy more and it is on my mind which is why the pun today :)

I am actually posting several cards I have done since last week to catch my blog up. I didn't realize I hadn't posted since last Wednesday. In my mind I posted every day last week. Funny how that is. I think the return to the 90 degree temps is frying what's left of my brain! The first day of Fall was 91 degrees. OK, hello? It's Fall Mr. Weather! This has been an odd year everywhere for weather so I suppose I should expect it to be odd. I surely wonder what Winter will be like this year! LOL!

This is for the Featured Stamper of the week Kristina Werner aka starofmay. Note that I have had a link to her blog on my site for months now, (giggle) she is a great designer! I love her work because it is so clean and professional. Great use of color too! Apparently the card I cased was on the cover of Cards magazine this Summer. I can see why!

Sketch challenge of the week (SCS) and also my card for my first Survivor voted out. His name is Chicken, he would have done well if he didn't cop a 'tude, why on earth did he do that? I needed to make 3 cards to send for the swap (well actually it's a pool of cards rather than money!).

This card I did for my first WishRAK I am granting. I joined the RAK forum on SCS and finally figured out how to play. This is also a sketch challenge I missed a few weeks back. Oh and it is for the Ways to Use it Challenge last week - use SU's new Basic Gray in your card. It is a nice shade of gray, matches everything!


Cheryl said...

That's funny about ketchup! Our middle child, Matthew, is like that. When we go out to eat sometimes I wonder if he gets the chicken and fries just so he could have ketchup. Wonder also if we just give him the ketchup would he miss the chicken and fries?:-)He gets those packets of ketchup and believe me none will go to waste the way he sucks out any left in the packet. None goes to waste on his plate, as well, uses his finger to get every last drop. Teaching him good etiquette there, huh?:)

Don't worry about not posting in a bit. Life outside of blogland/internet gotta happen sometime.

Some very nice cards there. Have you sold any yet at that shop?

Take care, Lori.

papersunshine said...

That's too funny! Just like JP, he sucks out what's left too LOL! We try to teach our boys good etiquette, ever feel like it's a losing battle?! Thanks about the cards, I am actually going tomorrow to that shop to drop them off. Sheesh, takes me a while!

Cheryl said...

Got that right about the losing battle. But I won't give up!

You should do very well at that shop. You make such beautiful cards!! But let us know how you do, anyway.

Jan said...

I won't tell you what the boys do with the ketchup in the restroom at the school I teach at. It involves the toilet seat, just use your imagination. In any case, I love the cards.

papersunshine said...

Ewww Jan, BOYS! LOL!

Karen said...

Lori, I love your blog. I will be sure to check it out on a regular basis. And your little guy and his Torncano is just hilarious. He's so adorable!!


papersunshine said...

Hey Karen! I am glad you stopped by and you like it! Yes, check back - I love doing this blog!

Anonymous said...

The SMILE one is my favourite! Love the colours and the are great too, but for some reason, that smile one captures my eye the most!

My siblings and I (as kids) used to step hard on those packets of ketchup and try to 'splash' each other with them just like a good ole mud-puddle stomp!