Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I got to play today!

I finally got to make some things. I "needed" to make some cards! It sure is a pick-me-up for me. Of course I keep making these kinds that I can't use. Well no matter, I can always find homes for them even if I just keep them for a while :) So without further adieu here they are!

1. Color challenge - river rock, rust, chocolate and as a side note this is a sketch challenge from Captain Crafter.

2. Technique challenge, 2-5-7-10 box. here's the instructions: Tutorial

3. Featured Stamper Zindorf, CASE of her gorgeous card, *sigh* mine doesn't do it justice.

So there we go! Enjoy!


jan said...

Beautiful as always!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful as always...Oops that is taken, rats.:-)

As pretty as ever!! Great job on those!

papersunshine said...

Thanks Jan, LOL Cheryl :), thanks! Fun colors right now that's for sure!

Jovita said...

I love Fall and your cards are so pretty ~ Jovi

papersunshine said...

Thank you so much Jovi!!!

Anonymous said...

Spectacular! Lovin' the Fall ones because I'm just not into that winter feeling right now---but it is very pretty!