Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Another thing for the craft fair

This little tin was one of those empty silver tins you can get now at craft stores, you know the "altoid tin" and since I haven't been to a store that sells altoids in a couple of weeks (yes, I order my groceries online..) I got this at Artist Oasis. I used alcohol ink to color the sides and the bottom and then covered the rest with scrapbook paper. I special ordered this paper last year directly from the company because I loved it so much! No one was carrying it. It is by One Heart One Mind and I think this set it Merry Merry. I used the Creative Memories photo tape as that stuff sticks paper very well to everything. It is also easy to use, a lot easier and thinner than the red line tape. No, not a consultant :) Then I cut out and punched some of the parts of the scrapbook paper and layered it on top. Then the fun begins! I made 10 Christmas gift tags to go inside. I stamped and decorated them to be rather simple, last year I made elaborate tags that no one looked at and threw in the trash so I figured even if these are for someone to buy they don't want to spend a ton of money on them! I have no clue what to sell this for, this whole pricing things is mind boggling. You certainly can't price things on time it takes and cost! No one would buy anything as the price would be outrageous. So there is a balance between not losing money and actually selling something :) Let me know if you have any ideas! Thanks for looking!


Tabitha said...

Lori that is just too cute!! I'm enjoying all the things you are making! I hope you have a huge success at the craft fair.

jan said...

WOW! You sure have been busy. Want to trade jobs? You teach 1st grade and I'll make crafts all day. Sounds great to me - hehehe.

Anonymous said...


I think it's fab and I love the paper s too! As for pricing...always a tough call...try scouting Ebay to see what similar items are going for (if you can find something to compare to)

Personally I think there is always SOMEBODY prepared to pay the price you decide be fair to yourself! Some things just need to be made as gifts for family and friends...this would be delightful in somebody's stocking! So I'm sure you'll have NO problem selling it for whatever price you come up with!


Cheryl said...

Great job, Lori! Looks good!


Jenny said...

This is just darling! Thanks for inspiring me!

papersunshine said...

Thank you everyone! Thanks for the advice on pricing too, No thanks on the job trading, sorry!!!